tomorrow i get to see animal collective play at merriweather post pavilion. now, if you are not from the mid-atlantic area you may be saying, "what? merriweather post pavilion is the name of their landmark 2009 album!" and of course you would be correct. it is also the name of the large amphitheater just outside of baltimore that the band named the album after.

it's probably been 7ish years since i last saw the ac at a tiny b'more club called the ottobar (the 2nd version - i was never able to make it to the original ottobar club) so this will be a huge step up in venues - for better and worse as ottobar was one of my favorite clubs to attend. i am particularly eager to see what kind of visual/light extravaganza will be in tow, especially after seeing footage from their coachella gig a couple months back.

oh yeah, we have pit tickets.
mind candy.



i think i've figured out arsenals plan this summer: fabregas is leaving. now some may say duh but they usually then try to find outside replacements for him under 35mil. the problem is you can't.

all of the rumors so far regarding arsenals transfer activity so far deal with wingers, not attacking midfielders. we're looking at 2-3 wingers. really? assuming fabregas leaves what does our current lineup look like? walcott can play rw/rs and even lw in a pinch. vela appears to be given another chance up front and at lw. arshavin can play either wing plus am and in the whole, same with nasri. nasri has plainly said he prefers, and excels, when in the center am role.

let's assume nasri is cescs replacement.
we know we can't count on walcott to be healthy year round, neither rvp. that leaves as thin up top and at wings. gervinho is a rw/rs. alvarez is a *w/am who can play anywhere in an attacking formation. add in the likes of chamakh and we suddenly seem to have quality depth in every forward position. song still needs backup/competition but i think wilshire, ramsey and diaby fill up the rest of holes plus the likes of landsbury, frimpong, etc and there is your carling cup squad.

that just leaves defense and i ain't touching that one with a 50' pole...



have you ever been late? no, not that late. oh, you mean pregnant? lol. no, no, no... have you ever delayed doing/going/performing/*ing something because you just couldn't be arsed earlier? and then when you do finally get around to *ing it you curse and gnash teeth and pull hair and moan and...
yeah, didn't think so.

with me it's often music. is it stupid, cliche shtick? is it popular? is it a difference of palate? likes and dislikes do change over time. why didn't you/me/i/we like this widget earlier? why now? this has happened over expanses of time from mere hours to years. that's a big swing but it goes both ways.

sometimes i'm one of the few way ahead of the curve...

ahead... behind... on time?
does it all average out in the end?

are we all just, average?